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Level 3.V Reports To Operations Programme Manager
No. of Positions 1 Deadline 31/Aug/2017
Job Description
Under supervision of the Operations Program Manager, the HIV Coordination, Planning and M&E Specialist ensures the overall coordination of HIV/AIDS program as well as UNFPA interventions, regarding Planning and M&E: Planning: ? Elaborate the SPIU annual action plan for the HIV disease program, UNFPA interventions plan and submit them to the Operations Program Manager for approval, compilation and submission to the SPIU Coordinator; ? In collaboration with RBC/HIV Division and central level MoH institutions, participate in the grant negotiation process (elaboration of proposal, gap analysis, plan of action, operation plan, M&E plan and performance framework) by providing any technical assistance/information required for the completion of the process; ? Support HIV grant sub
- recipients in reviewing and amending project management tools (plan of action, operation plan and PF) according to the needs; ? In collaboration with RBC/HIV Division, central level MoH institutions and other SRs, actively participate in the planning process of on
- site data verification (OSDV) and monitoring
- evaluation system strengthening assessment workshops (MESS) if planned; Program Implementation: ? Ensure that HIV grant sub
- recipients are implementing funded plans of action/operation plans in accordance with the agreed schedule and timelines, budget, Disease/Program objectives, Government and donor guidelines, and that all changes and amendments are in compliance with the original proposals; ? Ensure the overall implementation of HIV grant and UNFPA interventions through conducting, in collaboration with the HIV Financial Specialist and Budget Officers at SPIU and Program/Project focal points at SRs level, a close follow
- up of the execution of the plan of action/operational plan and budget absorption; ? Review HIV grant sub
- recipients’ proposals for budget reallocation by cross
- checking proposed activities, unit costs, frequencies and periodical budgets before submitting them the Operations Program Manager for approval and submission to the SPIU Coordinator; ? In collaboration with the Operations Program Manager and HIV Financial Specialist at SPIU, regularly update the Budget Disbursement Follow
- up Tools (Database), identify areas of weakness in the budget disbursement and utilization, and propose immediate remedial actions; ? Ensure that Performance Framework indicators are updated (indicator description, baseline values, periodical targets, source of data and data collection tools). Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting: ? Ensure that all HIV grant sub
- recipients, UNFPA interventions beneficiaries submit their quarterly reports (narrative, programmatic, budget and financial reports) on timely basis and in accordance with approved budget plan/operational plan, using SPIU proposed formats; ? Review HIV grant sub
- recipients’ reports and elaborate feedback by collecting and analyzing other necessary information, such as from Procurement Unit, Finance Section, Human Resources and Logistics Section, Internal controls before submission to the Operations Program Manager; ? Periodically produce required HIV grant
- related reports (Program Implementation Progress Report, Minecofin Report, on
- going progress update and disbursement request, best practice stories, fact sheets, etc.) before submission to the Operations Program Manager; ? Ensure timely implementation of recommendations formulated from internal and external audits such as OIG, OAG, OSDVs or DQAs ? Under coordination of the RBC/HIV Division, actively monitor and participate in the on
- site data verification (OSDV) exercise and monitoring workshops and provide related feedback report to Operations Program Manager; ? In collaboration with RBC/HIV Division, check and control the quality of data used to report by sub
- recipients at different levels of the health system and out of the health system; ? Compile all explanations, comments and views from SRs in response to HIV grant
- related management queries or letters sent by Global Fund to PR, LFA queries, audit recommendations, etc. and submit them to the Operations Program Manager.; ? Produce the weekly flash report/plan and submit to the Operations Program Manager. Technical support/Capacity building: ? As SPIU focal point, participate in HIV grant
- related financial and programmatic gap assessment, under the coordination of RBC/HIV division, work closely with hired consultants, and provide technical support for the drafting of project proposals and grant negotiation process; ? Identify areas of weakness in the program implementation, and formulate key recommendations for the success of the program objectives ? Actively participate in the technical coordination and midterm review meetings organized with sub
- recipient institutions and other key partners; Others: ? Participate in the weekly management/coordination meetings organized by the SPIU Coordinator; ? Participate in workshops, meetings and midterm reviews with all stakeholders including UNFPA ? Supervise the M&E Specialist working on implementation coordination of the UNFPA interventions, HIV Community Prevention and Impact Mitigation component.
Job Profile

- Being of Rwandan nationality;
- Holding at least a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine or Public Health with at least 5 years of public health experience combined with project management/planning, monitoring and evaluation;
- Having a work experience with MoH entities at central level;
- Having a work experience with multilateral and bilateral agencies or other international organizations;
- Ability to analyze, understand and interpret statistical information (reports and analysis of data/information; highly recommended);
- Knowledge of the health sector in Rwanda and its structures;
- Have strong oral and written communication skills in Kinyarwanda, English and French;
- Computer literate with proficient knowledge of MS Word, Excel, Power Point, and search engines;
- Organizational skills/managerial and ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines;
- Being ready to start work within 30 days from the notification of employment;
- Be of proven moral integrity.