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Job Secondary and VCT Education officer (Under contract) Organization NYARUGENGE DISTRICT
Level 5.II Reports To Director of Education
No. of Positions 1 Deadline 01/Jun/2017
Job Description

- Elaborate a local strategy and actionable plan on secondary and TVET education, monitor its implementation across Sectors and produce consolidated reports thereof;
- Carry out, together with other relevant stakeholders, regular inspection of secondary and TVET schools in respect with quality education and administrative standards, elaborate secondary and TVET schools maps and maintain an updated database thereof;
- Identify and consolidate secondary and TVET school construction needs, carry out training needs of teachers therein, and work hand in hand with the Human Resources Unit to deliver tailor
- made capacity building support across the District;
- Develop project proposals for the mobilization of additional funds to improve the functioning of Secondary and TVET education, initiate and coordinate the implementation of advocacy campaigns meant to meet the secondary and TVET education needs of vulnerable people across the District;
- Organize, in collaboration with other relevant stakeholders, and supervise the implementation of regular campaigns meant to raise local population’s awareness on the benefits of adhering to secondary and TVET education programs.
Job Profile
0 in Education Sciences or Bachelor of Sciences Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:
- Extensive knowledge and skills in Secondary and TVET Education
- Good knowledge of government policy
- making processes;
- Analytical, problem
- solving and critical thinking skills.
- Organizational Skills;
- Communication Skills;
- High analytical Skills;
- Complex Problem Solving;
- Time management Skills;