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Job Digital Records Administrator (Contractual) Organization RWANDA MINES, PETROLEUM AND GAS BOARD
Level 4.II Reports To Director of Digital Information Unit
No. of Positions 12 Deadline 09/Dec/2020
Job Description

- Conduct the cataloguing of maps and documents from the RMB archives and other appropriate archives/sources;
- Collaborate with digital information team, geologists, and mining engineersin the process of cataloguingof maps and documents;
- Collect physical and digitalgeologicalinformation from various sources;
- Interpretand separategeological, geophysical, geochemical and administrative data/information;
- Participate in the preparation ofgeological, geophysical, geochemical and administrative mapsand documents;
- Participate in the publication of geological, geophysical, geochemical and administrative mapsand documentsand other findings;
- Verify the quality of the catalogued and scanned mapsand documents, and other digital findingsin collaboration with the digital information unit and other concerned units and divisions;
- Sort and organize paperwork after entering data into the appropriate digital platform to ensure it isphysical stored safely;
- Input digital data into the appropriate digital platform/system/application/database;
- Transfer digital data from one digital platform/system/application/database to another digital platform/system/application/database;
- Sorting and arrange the catalogued data recorded in Excel Spreadsheetsand/or other software/system/application;
- Ensurethe appropriate naming of digital file based on the RMB data management policy and other applicable institutional instructions;
- Ensure safe appropriate storage and transmission of digital data;
- Submit regular activity reports;?Perform any other tasks assigned by the director of digital information andmining exploration division manager
Job Profile
A0 in Geology, Mining Engineeringor Masters inGeology, Mining Engineeringor other Geosciences. Key technical skills, knowledgeand other requirements:?Be Rwandan;?High analytical and problem solving skills;?Sufficient knowledge of the geology and the miningsectorsof Rwanda;?Decision making skills;?Excellent communication skills;?Very effective organizationalskills;?Team working skills;?Ability to learn from senior staffs;?Knowledge of general computerand ITskills;?Excellent knowledge of word processing tools and spreadsheets including MS Office Word, MS Office Excel, and Adobe Acrobat Reader, and other software/applications;?Fast computer
- keyboard typing skills;?Fluent in English and French, andknowledge of both languages is an advantage;?Proven experience in data entry workis an added advantage;?Having skills of digital repository or databaseis an added advantage