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Job Text Book Ordering and Distribution Officer Organization RWANDA EDUCATION BOARD
Level 5.II Reports To Director of Education Resources & Training Materials Unit
No. of Positions 1 Deadline 12/Feb/2019
Job Description

- Manage all LTM ordering, including Bid Openings, Bid Evaluations, and Bid Reports;
- Prepare all LTM bid documentation (in association with REB Procurement Officer);
- Prepare award/approval recommendations for scrutiny by Bid Supervision Committees;
- Amend and update the Approved Lists of Textbooks and Supplementary Materials as required;
- Update, print and distribute all LTM Handbooks, Approved Lists, Order Forms, completed Delivery Certificates (CDCs) and Training modules;
- Organize all LTM related training and support services at central, district and school levels;
- Provide or find temporary data
- inputting staff to all DEOs.
Job Profile
Bachelor’s Degree in Management, Economics, Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Public Administration, Administrative Sciences. Key technical skills & knowledge required:
- Good knowledge of ESSP and Rwanda education system;
- Report writing and presentation skills;
- Computer literacy;
- Interpersonal skills;
- Collaboration and team working skills;
- Administrative skills;
- Time management skills;
- Effective verbal and written presentation and listening communications skills in Kinyarwanda, English or French;
- Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English or French; knowledge of all these three (3) languages is an advantage.