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Job Land, Infrastructures, Habitat and Community settlement Officer Organization NYARUGURU DISTRICT
Level 6.II Reports To Executive Secretary of the Sector
No. of Positions 2 Deadline 12/Feb/2019
Job Description

- Provide notary services to service seekers as per the competences set forth by the law governing the notary function;
- Implement land, infrastructure and community settlement programs & strategies at the Sector level;
- Train all those responsible for land use and land management in Sector, Cells, and the general population;
- Prepare settlement programmes at the Sector level and ensure their implementation;
- Implement the guidelines and national standards on infrastructure management & maintenance;
- Monitor the application of orientations of the national grouped settlement policy;
- Follow up activities related to roads, bridges and hydraulic works in Sector;
- Ensure that individual and leased land in a Sector is well looked after and productively utilised;
- Provide data necessary for allocation of land title deeds;
- Examine application files for construction authorization and establish relevant authorization;
- Ensure the application of regulation on the construction of the Sector;
- Deliver authorization for rehabilitation of infrastructure;
- Prepare and issue construction permits and closely monitor compliance with construction plans;
- Coordinate the preparation of a list of vacant land in all Cells of the Sector
- Identify high
- risk areas in the sector and recommend that they never be inhabited by men and offer human activities that are appropriate;
- Check that human activities (economic, sports and leisure) on rivers, lakes and other places respect environmental standards and those of disaster prevention.
Job Profile
A0 / A1 in Land Management, Civil Engineering, Geography, Rural Settlement, Urban Planning Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:
- Knowledge of Rwanda's Land, Infrastructures and Community Settlemen
- Deep understanding and knowldge of the Rwandan and regional context for Infrastructure development
- Computer Skills;
- Organizational Skills;
- Communication Skills;
- High analytical Skills;
- Complex Problem Solving;
- Time management Skills;
- Team working Skills;