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Job Readvertisement:Director of NTDs Unit Organization RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER
Level 3.II Reports To Malaria and other Parasitic Diseases Division Manager
No. of Positions 1 Deadline 15/Nov/2018
Job Description

- • Prevention, Control and elimination of neglected tropical diseases (NTD) and Other parasitic diseases (OPD) in Rwanda. o Preparation, review, and adjustment of NTD operational plans o Lead and coordinate implementation of technical activities for prevention, control and elimination of neglected tropical diseases (NTD) and Other parasitic diseases (OPD) in Rwanda; o o Coordinate the implementation of elimination strategies, monitor and evaluate the progress of elimination of Soil Transmitted Helminthiasis, Lymphatic filariasis, Schistosomiasis and other NTDs in endemic areas; o Lead the organization and implementation of Mass Drug Administration (MDA/Deworming) in the country • Monitor and evaluate the progress of control and elimination of neglected tropical diseases (NTD) and Other parasitic diseases (OPD) in Rwanda. o Monitoring and Evaluation of activities through participation in establishing and maintaining NTD project, design of surveys, and providing specific guidance; o Promote NTD research and ensure NTD interventions are evidence based; o Facilitate communication, promotion and coordination between the technical teams and other partners; o Publish articles on NTD case management best practice in national and international newspapers. • Ensure the sustainability of impact. o Strengthen the country capacity and effective inter
- country collaboration on surveillance and response for neglected tropical diseases and other parasitic diseases. o Ensure the integration of NTD activities with other programs at all health systems levels in Rwanda; o Strengthen capacity building of NTD and OPD Unit staff and other health professionals involved in NTD and OPD countrywide • Ensure availability of medicines for NTDs and Other parasitic diseases o By collaboration with other health institutions and partners ensure the availability of medicines for NTD and Other parasitic diseases and consumables. o Lead the quantification and procurement of medicines for NTD and Other parasitic diseases and other consumables.
Job Profile
Master degree in Epidemiology or Master degree in Public Health or Master degree of Field Epidemiology Training Program with 1 year experience in diseases management. Or, A0 in Medicine, Bachelor’s degree in public health /epidemiology with 3 years’ experience in Diseases programs Management. Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:
- Knowledge of public health communicable disease prevention
- Broader understanding of global health, global health security concept and response
- Demonstrated in
- depth technical knowledge of avian influenza emergency preparedness matters
- Extent of experience in control and prevention of animal diseases in the region of assignment.
- Good understanding of avian viral diseases highly pathogenic diseases and knowledge of the current situation and stakes related to avian influenza and poultry section
- Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with donors, implementing partners and other stakeholders
- Ability to manage multiple priorities and projects
- Extensive knowledge and understanding of the Rwandan Health system;
- Planning & Organizational Skills;
- Research Skills & Writing Skills;
- Creative, proactive, customer focused, solutions led and outcome driven Skills;