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Job District Agribusiness Officer (Contractual) Organization RWANDA AGRICULTURE AND ANIMAL RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT BOARD
Level 4.IV Reports To Program Manager
No. of Positions 2 Deadline 18/Jul/2017
Job Description

- Improve/develop the capacity of project staff/farmers’ associations to identify sustainable agro
- based economic opportunities, understand and implement a demand
- driven, commercialization approach to rural development based on access to markets
- Identify and assist in coordinating relevant workshops in agricultural marketing issues for project staff and project beneficiaries.
- Develop or facilitate training modules for project staff related to the key decision making tools for market analysis and program intervention design, including:
- Value chain analysis,
- Participatory needs assessment, Participatory action planning
- Sub
- sector analysis,
- Provide technical capacity to program beneficiaries to improve their understanding of business
- related concepts in seeds companies development such as: factors of production; costs of production; quality control/market standards; opportunity cost; gross margin and profit analysis; return on investment; credit/budgeting; and risk,
- Assist with the preparation of training materials, guide and manuals,
- Provide support and guidance to the project manager to develop, review, oversee and review project strategy and activities related to the implementation of the project according to the project proposal
- Assist the project manager to develop appropriate criteria and a suitable delivery mechanism for the facilitation of adequate investment and training in farm and non
- farm enterprises
- Provide technical assistance for the design of the project’s monitoring and evaluation strategy
- Assist the Project Manager to establish linkages with private sector service providers and buyers for accessing new farm and non
- farm enterprise opportunities and in the negotiation of market contracts and MOUs with selected private sector partners.
- Provide technical support in the establishment of a marketing database to keep farmers, consumers and buyers informed of the prevailing market prices of various agro
- industrial products and commodities.
- Support the implementation, strategic planning and coordination of the Postharvest Training and Services Center (PTSC)
- Work with the Principal Investigators, consultants and other project staff to execute deliverables.
- Participate in the postharvest loss measurement research and value chain analysis for the four identified horticultural crops,
- Support the collection of data and report writing.
- Assist in intervention planning and implementation in the four horticultural crops.
- Set up and run the Postharvest Services and Training Center (PTSC)
- Prepare complete training manual in English or Kinyarwanda for postharvest management and marketing skills.
- Conduct pre and post farmer household surveys to determine the benefits /constraints of introducing postharvest practices and technologies.
- Lead experiments, adaptive research and demonstrations for postharvest solutions.
- Coordinate with farmer groups and agribusiness entrepreneurs on postharvest management.
- Lead trainings in postharvest loss prevention and business plan development for farmer groups/cooperatives
- Produce monthly progress reports on program progress and implementation issues.
- Liaise with NAEB, RAB, UR and ensure smooth relations between the project and the government institutions
- Set up and oversee management of retail store in the PTSC.
Job Profile
Bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics, Crop Sciences, Agronomy, marketing with 3
- 5 years experience in agro
- business development, preferably in farm planning and economic analysis. Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:
- Demonstrated capacity to work with private sector players (financial institutions, exporters, buyers, traders, transporters, input suppliers or processors)
- Familiarity with commonly used tools for market analysis and program design such as sub
- sector analysis, gross margin analysis and business planning
- Experience with community
- based programming,
- Experience in small to medium scale agro
- enterprise management
- Experience with externally funded development programmes would be desirable, preferably with experience in market
- oriented projects.