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Job Laboratory Technician in SAZD (contractual) Organization RWANDA AGRICULTURE BOARD
Level 5.II Reports To Coordinator of Research Activities in SAZD
No. of Positions 1 Deadline 17/Nov/2017
Job Description

- Implementing laboratory protocols to produce reliable and accurate data to support scientific investigations;
- Participating in data collection, analysis, interpretation and timely reporting of research results;
- Ensure quality of the standard operating procedures in a laboratory, including safety;
- Demonstrating the practices or procedures or research being carried out in that laboratory to students and visitors;
- Assisting researchers in their regular research activities in the laboratory;
- Training students, interns and new scientists on laboratory techniques and practices;
- Filling and keeping daily laboratory records;
- Maintaining and calibrating laboratory equipment;
- Promptly reporting unusual observations within laboratory;
- Providing monthly written technical reports.
Job Profile
Bachelor degree in Biotechnology, Microbiology, Plant Pathology or Plant protection; Chemistry or Biochemistry or Master's Degree in above mentioned field. Excellent laboratory record keeping skills; Ability to learn specific, practical techniques and apply this knowledge to solve technical problems; Excellent skills in general laboratory management; Time management skills in order to work on several different projects at such laboratories as above; Flexibility in order to work with and provide support to a number of different people; Excellent oral communication skills in order to work effectively with colleagues from all departments of the organization and to explain complex techniques to interested parties; Teamwork skills; Demonstrated planning and analytical skills; Good command of English or French; knowing both would be an added advantage.