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Job Readvertisement:Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist Organization RWANDA TRANSPORT DEVELOPMENT AGENCY
Level 3.IV Reports To SPIU Coordinator
No. of Positions 1 Deadline 03/Jun/2020
Job Description

- General Duties and Responsibilities: The Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist as a staff of RTDA will be under the administrative supervision of the SPIU Coordinator and will be responsible for monitoring and evaluation of projects under SPIU and as well as perform other M&E functions as directed by RTDA. Specifically the M&E Specialist will: • Review of documents, annual work plans, progress reports and midterm evaluation report (if any) to assess progress made in the implementation of various RTDA activities including projects; • Assess the current capacity of the RTDA, SPIU and collaborating agencies in terms of knowledge and practices to plan monitor, forecast, archive, analyze and communicate transport • Capture the roles played by different stakeholders in the implementation of projects and proffer a more participatory approach • Submit regular quarterly M&E reports not later than the second week of the first month in every quarter, for each project M&E cycle. • Evaluate the appropriateness of methodologies/technologies used for implementing project activities, with particular attention to issues of sustainability; • Report on the extent to which the project’s outputs have been achieved taking into account the indicators given in project documents • Provide technical support for performance monitoring, data validations, planning, quality controls, accountability mechanisms, results reporting, assessments, and evaluations; • Baseline and Benchmark information for measuring RTDA and project achievements and impact at the project objectives and results levels; • Develop and regularly reviews the tools for monitoring and evaluation and make adjustments to facilitate objective measurement of indicators included in the RTDA performance matrices • Liaises with project managers and technicians to collect and analyzes data on various RTDA infrastructure projects • Monitors utilization of project resources including equipment with the view to determining cost effectiveness • Creates and updates a data bank on RTDA programming process including updates from different GoR and development partners supported interventions • Analyses data needs, recommends and coordinates operational research for thematic studies, midterm evaluations, project completion reports as well as terminal evaluations • Establish and maintain feedback mechanisms for M&E results with all stakeholders to identify and share lessons learned and make recommendations for future policies for infrastructure development projects • Develop or adapt and disseminate guidelines, policies and standard procedures for monitoring and evaluation activities • Be responsible for sourcing data and information for specific M&E needs directly from other implementing agencies and stakeholders particularly for indicators not requiring surveys; • Develop and update M&E plans as well as a data collection system for the projects to collect and report on data to measure performance and achievement of project objectives; • Develop or adapt and disseminate guidelines, policies and standard procedures for monitoring and evaluation activities; and • Support technical work such as reviewing M&E methods, designing M&E tools and providing M&E technical assistance; • Respond to RTDA requests for programmatic information; and perform other duties as assigned • Ensure quality control of M&E outputs (e.g. surveys etc.), including by contributing substantively to the design and field testing of the monitoring methodology, review, design and implementation of the survey, and other technical evaluation and analytical tasks conducted; • Monitor projects progress through field visit as may be required, offers feedback and keeps regular communication with related field and RTDA staff • Prepare and consolidate progress reports for projects management to share with relevant stakeholders, in accordance with approved reporting formats and schedules; • Review monitoring reports, analyse them for impact evaluation and to identify the causes of potential bottlenecks in project implementation and make recommendations; • Tracking progress made on the Project's Results Frameworks during project implementation,
Job Profile
Master’s Degree in Economics, Project Management, Planning and M&E, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Development studies, with 1 year of working Experience in Planning and M&E or A0 in the same fields with 5 years of working experience in planning and M&E. Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:
- Knowledge of Monitoring and Evaluation concepts, systems and tools;
- Knowledge of Research and development policies and strategies;
- Knowledge to conduct monitoring exercises;
- Computer Skills;
- Organizational Skills;
- Communication Skills;
- High analytical Skills;
- Complex Problem Solving;
- Time management Skills;
- Team working Skills;
- fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage C