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Job Health and Sanitation Officer at district Organization RUBAVU DISTRICT
Level 6.II Reports To Executive Secretary of Sector
No. of Positions 1 Deadline 17/Feb/2020
Job Description

- Implement the District’s strategy on community health and sanitation in line with national policies and programs;
- Organize and conduct public awareness campaigns at the Sector level on health and sanitation issues, including diseases and malnutrition prevention and control;
- Supervise the quality of services rendered by health facilities at the Sector level and consolidate data on the situation of subscription to medical insurance schemes (including Mutuelle de Santé);
- Monitor the allocation and use of funds intended to support community health and sanitation for vulnerable people.
Job Profile
A0 / A1 in Public Health, Health sciences, Community Health, Clinical Psychology, Hygiene and Sanitation, Environmental Health Sciences Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:
- Extensive knowledge and skills in Health and Sanitation
- Good knowledge of government policy
- making processes;
- Analytical, problem
- solving and critical thinking skills.
- Organizational Skills;
- Communication Skills;
- High analytical Skills;
- Complex Problem Solving;
- Time management Skills;
- Team working Skills;
- Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage