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Job Director of Business Development and Employment Unit Organization RUBAVU DISTRICT
Level 3.II Reports To Executive Secretary of the District
No. of Positions 1 Deadline 17/Feb/2020
Job Description

- Coordinate, the planning, budgeting, resource mobilization, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting related to Business development and employment;
- Develop and oversee the implementation of actionable strategies or plans meant to localize national policies and the District Council’s decisions pertaining to the promotion of business development and job creation;
- Raise local population awareness on the importance of savings and connect them with business people, entrepreneurs and financial institutions in order to exploit the existing business opportunities;
- Facilitate the creation of business linkages (supply contracts) between local SMEs/cooperatives and large firms by putting in place a win
- win mechanism of complementarities;
- Coordinate the identification, updating and exploitation of business and local economic development opportunities/ potentialities available within the District;
- Coordinate employment mainstreaming in District Development Plan and action plans
- Ensure a well
- functioning of access to finance forum and identify bottlenecks that hinder access to credit and reimbursement
- Collaborate with companies to identify those in need of support in skills upgrading and link them with skills development institutions
- Coordinate the mobilization of companies and SMEs to host internees for knowledge transfer,
- Serve as a member to the District Technical Coordination Committee and advise the institution on matters pertaining to business development & employment.
- Facilitate the collection of information on job creation within the district that needs to be fed in Labour Market Information System (LMIS)
- Coordinate the employment promotion initiatives at District Level
Job Profile
A0 in Economics, Agribusiness, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Management, Rural Development with 3 years of working experience; Or Master's Degree Economics, Agribusiness, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Management, Rural Development, Labour Economics with 1 year of working experience. Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:
- Leadership skills
- Analytical, problem
- solving and critical thinking skills.
- Technical understanding of doing business variables being analysed and how it affects the various business units.
- Good at handling and meeting deadlines.
- Multi
- tasking skills and the ability to balance multiple priorities and keep up with project scope changes.
- Able to work well with both internal and external clients.
- Good presentation skills, and ability to communicate with various audiences, including end users, managers, and members of the IT team.
- Self
- starter with leadership skills in order to take charge of or facilitate Requirement gathering sessions.
- Strong attention to detail organizational skills.
- Quick learner who is easily able to learn new products, systems, applications and technologies