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Job Director of Education Unit Organization RUBAVU DISTRICT
Level 3.II Reports To Executive Secretary of the District
No. of Positions 1 Deadline 17/Feb/2020
Job Description

- Coordinate the identification of the District’s education needs and priorities to facilitate an integrated planning, budgeting, resource mobilization, implementation, monitoring and evaluation reporting related to Education at the Unit, Sector and education facility levels and instill the practice of knowledge management;
- Coordinate a multi
- stakeholders’ elaboration of actionable strategies or plans meant to localize national policies and the District Council’s decisions pertaining to education and oversee their implementation;
- Coordinate the implementation of campaigns meant to raise local population awareness on the benefits of universal education, promote children's rights related to access to quality education, and fight against school dropouts;
- Coordinate, in close collaboration with the school construction engineer, the identification of school construction and rehabilitation needs and coordinate the elaboration and regular update of the District’s school map;
- Maintain an updated consolidated database on education and work hand in hand with the Human Resource Unit in the identification of staffing needs and elaboration of capacity building initiatives meant to address capacity gaps in the education sector across the District;
- Serve as a member of the District Technical Coordination Committee and advise the institution on matters pertaining to education.
Job Profile
A0 in Education Sciences with 3 years of working experience; Or Master's Degree in Education Sciences with 1 year of working experience Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:
- Extensive knowledge and skills in Education
- Good knowledge of government policy
- making processes;
- Analytical, problem
- solving and critical thinking skills.
- Organizational Skills;
- Communication Skills;
- High analytical Skills;
- Complex Problem Solving;
- Time management Skills;
- Team working Skills;
- Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage