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Level 3.II Reports To Executive Secretary
No. of Positions 1 Deadline 18/Nov/2019
Job Description

- Provide notary services in land
- related matters to service seekers as per the competencies set forth by the applicable law;
- Coordinate the planning, budgeting, resource mobilization, activity implementation and performance progress reporting of the Unit and supervise all staff therein;
- Coordinate at first degree the elaboration of actionable strategies meant to localise national policies and implement the District Council’s decisions pertaining to land use and infrastructure;
- Serve as a member of the District Technical Coordination Committee, update the Committee on performance progress and advise the institution on any matter related to land use and infrastructure.
- Receive customers and/or correspondences and direct them to concerned personnel within the One Stop Centre;
- Provide reference numbers to all files received, stamp all documents signed by the Director of the One Stop Centre and keep computerized records thereof;
- Prepare periodical reports regarding land and infrastructure services demand clearly specifying documents issued, issues solved and pending ones.
- Issue invoices related to construction permits, fines and any other charged service rendered by the One Stop Centre;
- Monitor closely land tax payment and timely send reminders to land owners to clear their tax arrears;
- Consolidate reports related to pending land tax payment in order to ease the evaluation of progress towards locally set revenue targets;
- Exploit land database and use the obtained information to advise the District on mechanisms to increase its local tax base.
- File physical and electronic documents of the One Stop Centre;
- Maintain an effective cataloguing and indexing of files and regularly update the OSC’s database;
- Classify and store other relevant documents of the OSC;
- Trace and avail land files for exploitation by technicians of the OSC as need arises;
- Issue land file copies to the owner whose original ones are lost in accordance with applicable laws, regulations & procedures;
- Store and take care of deed plans and any other relevant documents approved by OSC.
Job Profile
To have Bachelor's Degree in Law, Urban Planning, Urban Management, Regional Planning Strategies, in Civil Engineering, Land Management with 3 years of working experience; Or Master's Degree in Law, Urban Planning, Urban Management, Regional Planning Strategies, in Civil Engineering, Land Management with 1 year of working experience Key Technical skills and Knowledge required:
- Deep knowledge of Rwandan Legal System
- High analytical and problem solving skills;
- Legal research and analysis in complex areas of law;
- Knowledge of Substantive Law and Legal Procedures;
- Decision making skills;
- Excellent communication skills ;